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Count on WealthBridge Capital Management to alleviate your retirement concerns. You’ll know exactly where you stand and what you need to do to achieve your ideal retirement.

Wealthspan Analysis—Our Proven Process

Are you building wealth for retirement, about to quit working, or already retired? If you’re at least 50 years old, we work with you to secure your retirement today and preserve your wealth for tomorrow. Together, we’ll develop an optimal roadmap for reaching your lifestyle and legacy goals, and continually adjust it to keep you on track.

Step 1 - Build a Relationship

First, we get to know you. We take the time to gain a thorough understanding of you and your family. Clarifying your goals and then investing to reach them is the surest way to turn your dreams into your reality. We know this because we’ve been doing it for hundreds of people just like you. So we thoroughly explore your:

  • Lifestyle goals
  • Legacy objectives
  • Risk tolerance
  • Time horizon
  • Savings ability
  • Liquidity needs

Step 2 - Forecast Your Cash Flow

Preparing a detailed cash flow plan is the next step in building your comprehensive Wealthspan Analysis. We do this because quantifying and modeling the ins and outs of your post-retirement funds is the best way to make important decisions. By seeing the impacts of timing on things like retirement dates and asset drawdowns, you can make appropriate choices.

  • Map future income—Social Security, pensions, other income sources
  • Explore disbursement scenarios and set your optimal targets
  • Build in scenario protection—life and long-term care insurance needs

Step 3 - Set Targets for Returns

Getting you to your goals is our main focus. After working together to define and prioritize your goals, we look at what types of investments best suit your timeline and risk tolerance. To pinpoint exactly what kinds of returns it will take to achieve your goals, we examine a broad range of investment options including equity, fixed income, and balanced funds.

  • Determine returns needed to meet your goals, risk tolerance, and timeline

Step 4 - Allocate and Locate Assets

Your personal portfolio is made up of investments that are carefully selected to deliver the types of returns you need on a strategic/long-term basis—your optimal asset allocation. Equally important is asset location, which means placing certain investments in specific types of accounts to manage volatility and taxes. We combine our decades of experience with our customized financial technologies to determine and develop a “just right” mix for you.

  • Recommend asset allocation across overall financial assets
  • Utilize capital market assumptions for future returns
  • Analyze relative strength to rank various sectors from strongest to weakest
    • Choose the top 4 sectors to overweight
    • Choose the weakest 4 sectors to underweight
  • Choose asset allocation for each account to meet your overall asset allocation
  • Position individual assets to minimize realized volatility and taxes

Step 5 - Review Your Progress

Meeting your retirement and legacy goals depends on diligent oversight. And WealthBridge excels at watching out for you and staying in touch with you. Our disciplined process is designed to monitor and address changes in the market as well as changes to your goals and/or financial situation. Your progress is continually tracked so we can make ongoing adjustments.

  • Weekly Sector Analysis
    • Review changes in market conditions
    • Re-allocate sectors as required based on market activity
  • Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Client Reviews
    • Discuss new/different spending needs or financial commitments
    • Adjust for changes to income or savings
  • Annual Review of Wealthspan Analysis
    • Compare projections vs. actual results
    • Explore various “what if” scenarios
    • Decide on required/desired adjustments

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