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The WealthSpan Planning Process

Let's find out what's possible together

Your most important financial decisions... made with intention and purpose.

Phase 1 - Initial WealthSpan Analysis<br/>

Phase 1 - Initial WealthSpan Analysis

Gaining Clarity

We begin with DISCOVERY. Understanding where you are today, identifying What Matters Most to YOU about money and WHY it's important.

  • Organizing all your financials and important documents into one simple and secure place... Your Initial Snapshot of where you are today.
  • Identifying your Vision and Goals for your current and future self.
Phase 2 - The Planning Studio<br/>

Phase 2 - The Planning Studio

Creative Solutions

Once we have Clarity on your Vision and tangible Goals we design creative solutions to reach each Milestone.

  • Your WealthBridge Advisory Team will brainstorm, design and test actionable financial solutions based on your WealthSpan Analysis.
  • Optimal Strategies, Tactics & Tools are identified and decisions will be made around How, Who & When to engage.
Phase 3 - Intentional Action<br/>

Phase 3 - Intentional Action

Turning Decisions Into Results

With The GamePlan in hand... we execute with precision.

  • The Implementation Protocol is reviewed with the Client and each Strategy is approved for deployment or returned to the Advisory Team for further consideration.
  • Leading and engaging your entire financial team, we execute your Plan as your fiduciary and advocate. Working with your attorneys, CPA's and other financial specialists we coordinate and document your Plan.
Phase 4 - Managing Results<br/>

Phase 4 - Managing Results

Gaining Confidence

Confidence is built as strategies yield results and new planning gaps are identified and addressed.

  • Each Strategy is measured, monitored and adjusted as necessary.
  • New planning gaps or changes in Vision or Goals are recognized and re-introduced into WealthSpan Process through Re-Discovery.